MCT-73 Morse Code Trainer Kit

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Learn to send and receive Morse code anywhere with the MCT-73 Morse code trainer! Using the time-tested Koch/Farnsworth methods, the MCT-73 will efficiently walk you through the process of learning Morse code.

All training modes have 40 levels. Level 1 starts with two characters and each level adds in a new character. New characters are introduced in the time-tested Koch Method order. All training is done at a chosen-by-you speed. Speed is determined by a raw WPM (words per minute) setting and an additional inter-character (Farnsworth) delay.

Three Training Modes

RX Training: Practice copying/receiving Morse code.
TX Training: Practice keying letters with automatic scoring.
Echo Back: Copy Morse code and key it back. Also with automatic scoring.

Free Play Mode

Free Play: Free-form practice mode for sending Morse code.


WPM (words per minute)
Additional inter-character (Farnsworth) delay
Keyer mode: Iambic A, Iambic B, and straight key
Paddle setup: Reversed or default
Power-save settings

A quick demonstration can be seen here.

It's small (4¾" x 3¾" x 1½") and housed in a beautiful aluminum alloy case. With its onboard speaker and included earphones, you'll be able to easily practice anywhere. Supply your own paddles or straight key and you'll be able to learn how to send Morse code too. An integrated red LED lamp gives visual feedback as you send and receive code as well. Because the MCT-73 uses a dedicated microcontroller, you'll be able to learn Morse code in a virtually lag-free environment unlike most web, computer, and smartphone training apps.

The MCT-73 is a microcontroller-based kit that includes a custom circuit board, faceplate, enclosure, earphones, and all parts needed to assemble the kit. A keyer is not included. Check out the keyers from CW Morse. They are a great value and like us, they're a small family-run business.

This is an intermediate level kit and requires basic soldering skills. It is designed to be built with a minimum of fuss. Built from all through-hole parts and using a custom-designed circuit board to give a little breathing room between components, it's meant to keep assembly as easy as possible.

Assembly requires (not included) a soldering iron, solder, wire cutters, wire strippers, a small Phillips screwdriver, and a 9 volt battery.

We also periodically offer hand-built, completely assembled MCT-73s, here.

We don't typically ship kits outside of USA/Canada, but if you wish us to ship an assembled unit internationally, contact us. We can most likely set something up.


Included in the kit


Required Tools and Supplies (not included)



Assembly Instructions     User Manual   Dimensioned Drawing    Soldering Tutorial