Welcome to SparkGap Labs!

We're a tiny (one person, really) business located in Massachusetts, USA. I'm also a fairly new, licensed ham radio enthusiast. After initially becoming familiar with SSB and digital modes, I wanted to learn Morse code too. After a while of using readily available web-based tools and some smartphone apps with limited success, I thought a dedicated stand-alone device that would let me practice sending Morse code as well as just learning to copy/receive Morse code would be better. Web-based apps didn't really allow that, nor did any app I could find.

Being a long-time computer programmer with a hobbyist knowledge of microcontrollers and electronics, I had an idea for a purpose-built device to learn Morse code. After a few design iterations (including a small stack of incrementally improved PCBs), I arrived at a design which I liked. Comparing it to other devices available, I thought it would be fun to turn it into a project that could be built by others as well. This ended up being the product you see being offered on this website, the MCT-73 Morse Code Trainer.

I've had a blast designing and using it. If you're looking to learn Morse code, you might be interested in getting a MCT-73 Morse Code Trainer of your own. It's mainly sold as a kit (intermediate soldering skills and some simple tools required), but I also periodically hand-build and offer completely assembled and tested units.

Feel free to take a look around this website for more information including assembly instructions and what's included in the kit.

Thanks for your interest, and good luck learning Morse code!

Brian Stephens, KC1QIR
Massachusetts, USA